Aston Waikiki Beach Tower Airport Shuttle


Ever since they (Aqua and Aston) merged years ago, Aqua-Aston Hospitality Group has been the go-to hotelier for worldwide households spending their vacations on Oahu. The Aston Waikiki Beach Tower is one of their most popular properties, given its convenient location at 2470 Kalakaua Avenue. As soon as your Aston Waikiki Beach Tower airport shuttle drops you off, you can walk across the street and be on the beach. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Speaking of airport shuttles, you’re trying to decide upon transport before your Honolulu International Airport arrival. Logically, your first move may have been to check the hotel website to find out of they offer dedicated shuttle service. They do not. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Honolulu Airport Transfer offers a private, direct, and affordable flat-rate shuttle service from HNL to the accommodation. Below is everything you need to know.

Best Direct, Private, Affordable Flat Rate Shuttle Service from Honolulu International Airport to Aston Waikiki Beach Tower

What About Aston Waikiki Beach Tower’s “Recommended” Shuttle?

You know that the hotel does not have its own shuttle service. However, you may have heard that they recommend one in particular.

Let’s investigate.

At the bottom of the hotel website, you will see a prompt to “Book an Airport Shuttle”:

Aston Waikiki Beach Tower Shuttle

Source: Aston Waikiki Beach Tower website

When you click on the “Book an Airport Shuttle” link from the website, you’ll be forwarded to an outside website and find the following per passenger quote:

Aston Waikiki Beach Tower Airport Shuttle - Roberts

Source: Roberts Hawaii website

Allow us to reiterate that this is a per person rate on a shared shuttle service. Not only does a party of two cost $50 (or party of three at $75 and so on) you’d have to pay this inflated rate while sharing the shuttle with other people (strangers) who have arrived in the same time frame. Your shuttle won’t depart until all other pre-booked passengers have arrived and collected their luggage from baggage claim. You could end up spending an extra hour at the airport waiting for others to get themselves in order. Furthermore, shared shuttle services stop at other hotels and resorts en route from HNL to the Waikiki Beach Tower. That can add an additional 30-45 minutes of wasted time.

Isn’t this the sort if hassle that you booked a Hawaii vacation to get away from?

While the Aston Waikiki Beach Tower has good intentions, their partnership with the shared shuttle service provider is a business arrangement that suits them and the shared shuttle provider, not YOU.

Book Your PRIVATE, DIRECT, and AFFORDABLE Flat Rate Airport Shuttle

Save yourself the unnecessary hassle and expense. Instead, book your own (you and your party only) private shuttle that will pick you up right outside of HNL baggage claim. Your professional driver will greet you with a lei (if desired) and will load your luggage while you nestle into spacious air-conditioned comfort of a new Sienna minivan. We will whisk you away without a moment’s waste, and take you directly to the Aston Waikiki Beach Tower. This experience if available for just a low $45 flat rate for your entire party (up to four adults).

Book Your $45 Flat Rate, Direct, and Private HNL Shuttle to the Aston Waikiki Beach Tower

Call 1-800-929-1219 to Book by Phone

All you need to do is give us 24-hours notice before the arrival of your flight. Once booked, we’ll pick you and your party up from the airport and take you directly to the hotel. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 to confirm your reservation (no deposit required).

*Note: We also offer transportation from the Aston Waikiki Beach Tower to the airport, as needed.