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Transportation from Honolulu Airport to Hilton Hawaiian Village

Transportation from Honolulu Airport to Hilton Hawaiian Village

World famous Hilton Hawaiian Village is likely the most popular resort on Oahu. The expansive property is ripe with amenities, which is probably why you’ve chosen the accommodation for your stay. And while conveniently tucked along the quieter western shores of Waikiki, there are some things you need to know to make sure your trip ...
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Rainy Days on Oahu

Rainy Days on Oahu – What to Do to Keep Having Fun

The Hawaiian Islands (Oahu included) have been receiving more than their fair share of rain of late. While rain doesn’t exactly fit on your intended itinerary, it doesn’t have to get in the way of your mission to have the best possible time in paradise. For those of you who are not content with simply ...
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Transportation from Honolulu Airport to Kapolei

Transportation from Honolulu Airport to Kapolei – What You Need to Know

Kapolei, on the western side of Oahu, is fast becoming the island’s hottest new tourist destination. For one, it’s home to world class beachfront resort properties (pictured above) such as Disney Aulani, Four Seasons Resort, and the Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club. It also boasts Wet n’ Wild and a wave of other great amenities, ...
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What Part of Oahu Should I Stay In

What Part of Oahu Should I Stay In?

Good question. And to be honest, there is no cookie-cutter answer, as each “side”of the island has so much to offer. That being said, the south shore, windward side, leeward side, and North Shore (the latter must be capitalized) all have their own unique appeal and will differ in the eyes of the beholder.  As ...
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Cultural Attractions in Honolulu Near the Airport

Our list of great visitor destinations near Honolulu International Airport (HNL) grows with each passing month, as we know that you want to maximize every single minute of your time on the island. That means whether you’ve just arrived or you’re about to depart, you want to squeeze in a unique island activity or attraction ...
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Should You Rent a Car in Honolulu

Should You Rent a Car in Honolulu from the Airport?

Let’s begin this conversation with one clear point – renting a car when visiting Oahu is a must. There is so much to see on this wonderful island that being at the mercy of transit and ride-share availability (try getting an Uber from the North Shore to Waikiki after 9 PM) can significantly set back ...
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Snorkel Nearest Honolulu Airport

Where to Snorkel Nearest to Honolulu Airport

One look at our blog roll and you’ll see that we’re big on providing our readers and customers with tips about the best activities near Honolulu International Airport. We’ve covered everything from hiking to surfing, and now we divert our focus under the sea. Today we take a look at the best places to go ...
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