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Moana Surfrider Airport Shuttle

Moana Surfrider Airport Shuttle

As the oldest hotel on Oahu, the Moana Surfrider is a magical place. It is one of the best beachfront hotels in the Hawaiian kingdom, and is even one of the best places to stay for the Holiday season. In fact, there so much culture packed within its romanesque walls that you could spend hours ...
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Car Rental Alternatives Honolulu

Honolulu Airport Car Rental Alternatives

You’ve heard the stories about how the return of tourism to Oahu has made the renting of cars a nightmare. The demand has exceeded supply, and as a result car rental rates for awhile averaged an estimated $700/day. That is, if you can even find one. But that’s not the only reason visitors shy away ...
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Honolulu Airport to Waimanalo

Honolulu Airport Shuttle to Waimanalo

Heading to the community of Waimanalo on the windward side of Oahu? You’ve picked an impeccable place to visit. Whether staying for a few short days or significantly longer you’ll enjoy exploring one of the most breathtaking stretches of coastline that our island has to offer. With a lot of sand and wide open expanses ...
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Honolulu Airport Latest and Breaking News – September 2021

As people from all over the world make their plans to return to Hawaii, many are wondering if there are any updates coming out of Honolulu International Airport (HNL) that they may need to know about. While things are running smoother at HNL than they have over the last year and a half, there are ...
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Airport Shuttle to the West Side Oahu

Airport Shuttle to the West Side of Oahu

While most visitors stay on the south shore of Oahu and explore the east side or North Shore, there are many hidden gems to enjoy on the western neck of the island. That said, transportation infrastructure throughout the wild west is less developed. If you are staying here on an up and coming trip, you may ...
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Ko Olina Airport Shuttle

Airport Shuttle to Ko Olina

Oahu’s upscale resort community of Ko Olina is a massive draw for people from all over the world. It’s an isolated patch of paradise which conveys a feeling of exclusivity that you won’t find anywhere else on the island. In turn, it is without public transportation nor a designated airport shuttle. That said, there is a ...
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ko olina coconut plantation airport shuttle

Ko Olina Coconut Plantation Airport Shuttle

Do you have an up and coming trip to Ko Olina on Oahu? Are you opting out of the Marriott, Four Seasons, and Disney Aulani and instead staying at a vacation rental within the resort area’s Coconut Plantation? You’re in for a treat, as the upscale gated neighborhood is about as charming and picturesque as it ...
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