Aston Waikiki Sunset Airport Shuttle

Aston Waikiki Sunset Airport Shuttle

The Aston Waikiki Sunset (located at 229 Paoakalani Ave) is an ideally situated property in the middle of Waikiki Beach. As an Aston hotel, it’s one of the more affordable accommodations given that’s it’s not on Kalakaua or Kuhio Avenue, which tends to inflate nightly rates. As a vacation rental with a 30-day minimum it’s also reasonably priced if you can stay for an entire month.

Given that cost and convenience were clear factors in your decision to stay at the property, you’re also looking for the most efficient Aston Waikiki Sunset airport shuttle to scoop you and your party up from Honolulu International (HNL). Seeing as the hotel doesn’t offer its own shuttle service, you need to book your pickup with an outside party. You’ll be pleased to know that Honolulu Airport Transfer provides dedicated, private, direct, and flat-rate transportation from HNL to the front entrance of the Waikiki Sunset. You can call 1-800-929-1219 right now to book, or read ahead first for some more information.

Why Choose Honolulu Airport Transfer to Get from HNL to the Aston Waikiki Sunset

Direct, Private, and Affordable Flat Rate Service

Before we cover a few other important details below, let’s get to the goods. We offer direct and private service from HNL to the Aston Waikiki Sunset. Your professional driver will be ready and waiting outside of HNL baggage claim, with fresh orchid leis for your pleasure (if you add them to your booking). He will load your luggage and carry-ons while you get comfortable in a new and glossy black Sienna minivan, complete with air-conditioning and cozy seats for your entire party to enjoy. You will be safely and expediently taken to the Aston Waikiki Sunset without wasting a minute. Upon arrival you’ll step out of the vehicle and bask in the Manoa Valley breeze that cuts through Paoakalani Avenue as if to welcome your presence. After breathing in the fresh mauka air, you’ll find that your driver will have already unloaded your luggage for you. The best part, is that this direct and private service is available for one low flat rate of just $45. This low rate covers your entire party (up to four adults). It doesn’t get any better!

Book Your $45 Flat Rate, Direct, and Private HNL Shuttle to the Aston Waikiki Sunset

Important Note Regarding Car Rentals and Security

Regular visitors already know to avoid renting a car from HNL to their accommodations for the fact that it’s more expensive (than here in town) and eats up way too much time at the airport (up to 2 hours in queue is not uncommon). The disincentive to not show up at a hotel or Airbnb with a car rental is perhaps more true for the Aston Waikiki Sunset than any other property. Why? Aston Waikiki Sunset security guards are notoriously rude and discourteous (the male ones, not the kind Wahine). This is feedback we have constantly received from return pickups, and is conveyed often in online reviews of the property:

Aston Waikiki Sunset Airport Shuttle

This is a problem for new visitors who arrive from HNL in a rental car. These rude security guards (who unfortunately represent the otherwise very pleasant hotel) make parking an unpleasant experience, especially if you’re an Airbnb guest. The automated parking system is often Out of Service which means you have to deal with these guards who would rather be watching the security monitors for the slightest hotel guest slip-up.

Aston Waikiki Sunset Airport Shuttle

Simply put, avoid renting a car from HNL if staying at the Aston Waikiki Sunset. Book your affordable, direct, and private transfer instead.

ASTON WAIKIKI airport shuttle

The only rough part (security) of an otherwise very pleasant property

All that you need to do is call us 24-hours before the arrival of your flight to book your pickup. From there, you have peace of mind that we’ll be waiting on-site to pick you and your party up from the airport and take you directly to the Aston Waikiki Sunset. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 to confirm your reservation (no deposit required).

*Note: We also offer transportation from the Aston Waikiki Sunset to the airport, as needed.