Best Honolulu Airport Shuttle to Take During the Holiday Season

Best Honolulu Airport Shuttle

Coming to Oahu for the Holidays? Enjoying hassle-free and comfortable transportation from Honolulu International Airport to your hotel is always important, but perhaps even more so at Christmastime. You want to start off your island vacation on a festive note, not stuck waiting outside of baggage claim before cramming into a shared shuttle with dozens of sweaty passengers. Or worse, hitching an Uber with Scrooge. Instead, you and your party should treat yourselves to the most pleasant and cost-effective means to getting from the airport to your accommodations. Keep reading.

5 Reasons Why Honolulu Airport Transfer is the Best HNL to Hotel Shuttle to Take During Christmas and the Holiday Season

1. Private Shuttle Experience

Want to listen to Don Ho Christmas tunes while en route to your hotel? You can’t do that in a shared shuttle, traditional taxi, or Uber/Lyft. But when you take a direct and private shuttle you can play Holiday favorites from your smartphone or ask your driver to change the radio to a local station playing the same. Better yet, you and your party can sing Christmas carols until your hearts’ content. Just one word of caution – your driver may join in with his own karaoke renditions.

How much is this private shuttle experience? If you’re going to Waikiki Beach, it’s only a $35 flat rate for your entire party (up to four)! View all other affordable flat rates for Ko Olina, the North Shore, and so forth right here.

Book your $35 flat rate direct shuttle to Waikiki

2. We’ll Decorate Your Party with Festive Lei

You can’t exactly wear a Christmas sweater in 75-80°F weather, but we can deck you in your party in festive flare as soon as you arrive. We offer fresh lei greetings as an add-on (just $10 per person) for our passengers. You can go with a classic Thai Orchid lei or request something more ornate for an extra charge. View more on our lei greetings here.

3. We Can Take You on a Christmas Driving Tour Before You Check-In

Check-in time typically isn’t until 3 PM so you may have some time to kill. Why not take a detour to see Honolulu’s top Christmas attraction? Alternatively you may be arriving in the evening and want to take advantage of the dark skies to enjoy the twinkling lights as you make your way to Waikiki Beach or other spot on the island. One “must see” display on Oahu during Christmas is found at Honolulu Hale on South King Street in downtown Honolulu. Every year since 1987 the property gets extremely festive, lighting up the outdoor scene with colorful decorations, ornaments, handmade wreaths and garland, a 50-foot tall Christmas tree, and massive statues depicting Christmas’ favorite characters – including Shaka Santa, Tūtū Mele and the Holiday season gang. In our not-so-humble opinion it’s honestly one of the best Christmas displays in the world. View more about our custom island tours and how to book. or simply call us at 1-800-929-1219 to ask about stopping at Honolulu Hale before heading to your hotel.

4. We Can Take You on a Christmas Shopping Tour Before You Check-In

Cutting it close to Christmas Day and don’t have all of the gifts you need for people in your party? Instead of a driving tour to see Honolulu’s top decorations, we can customize your tour for shopping instead. For example, if staying in Waikiki Beach, we can drop you off at Ala Moana Center for an hour or two (depending upon how many hours you want to book us for) while you load up on presents and stocking stuffers. When done, we can meet at the designated pickup zone, and whisk you off to your hotel for check-in. Please call us at 1-800-929-1219 at least 48-hours in advance to organize this custom transportation option.

5. We Know Christmas

Last but not least, is the fact that we know the Holiday season on the island better than most. We’ve written articles about where families should stay on Oahu during the Holidays and more recently one about the Most Christmassy Hotels in Waikiki Beach. You are encouraged to ask your driver whatever you want to know about attractions on the island while enjoying the air-conditioned, spacious, comfortable, and very affordable ride to your island accommodation.

Please call us at 1-800-929-1219 with any questions you may have or to book your HNL transportation today.

~ Mele Kalikimaka ~