Bishop Museum Airport Shuttle

Bishop Museum Airport Shuttle

A significant number of visitors arriving on Oahu have a few hours to spare before they are permitted to check into their hotel. On the flip side, a similar number of visitors have concluded their vacation and have a multi-hour window between accommodation check-out and HNL departure. Given that very few want to get hot and sweaty prior to check-in at their hotel or airline kiosk spending this time at the beach or walking around Kalakaua Avenue isn’t much of an option. As a result, conveniently located (near HNL) indoor attractions are a big draw, with the Bishop Museum being one of the more popular options. TripAdvisor posts such as this are a common site on the platform:

Bishop Museum Airport Shuttle

While Bishop Museum does offer luggage (reasonably sized) storage during your visit for a $5 per item fee. What they do not offer however, is airport shuttle service. So how are you to get from Honolulu International Airport (HNL) to or from Bishop Museum? There is only one reasonable option – Honolulu Airport Transfer. Here’s why!

Why Choose Honolulu Airport Shuttle for HNL Transportation to/from Bishop Museum

Best Private, Direct, Affordable Flat Rate to/from Bishop Museum

There are no shared shuttles offered by Bishop Museum nor local tour operators that connect visitors between the museum and the airport. Traditional taxis are extremely expensive, and the same can be said for UberXL/LyftXL, which are typically needed when you require a larger vehicle to fit your party and luggage load. What about the Honolulu Transit Authority? Aside from personal carry-ons, TheBus (as it’s called) has a strict no-luggage policy:

Bishop Museum Airport Shuttle - Bags

Trust us on this one – Honolulu bus drivers are not lenient or accommodating in any way, shape, or form. If you’ve got more than a backpack, forget about it. Oh, and there’s the fact that there is no direct bus from HNL to Bishop Museum.

Another option you may have considered, is a car rental. However, given the long line, lack of supply, and cost of renting a car from HNL (if you’re arriving) this isn’t really an option. Nor is renting a car to visit Bishop if the museum is simply a pitstop between checking out of your hotel and your HNL departure. A car rental for this scenario simply doesn’t make sense.

So there you have it. There is only one reasonable option when it comes to Bishop Museum airport transportation. The great news, is that it’s the best one. Honolulu Airport Transfer offers private and direct transport to/from Bishop Museum for a very low flat rate of just $28! That’s for you, your party (up to four passengers), and your luggage load.

Book Your $28 Flat Rate to or from Bishop Museum

And if you’d like to make arrangements for us to return after your time at the museum, so that you have equally comfortable, convenient, accommodating, and affordable transport to your check-in (hotel or HNL) we can work something out. Just give us a call 24-hours in advance to book and/or request additional trips. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 or complete the form found here.