Diamond Head Beach Hotel Airport Shuttle

Diamond Head Beach Hotel Airport Shuttle

The Diamond Head Beach Hotel (DHBH) is a collection of boutique vacation rentals found at 2947 Kalākaua Avenue at the tail end of Waikiki Beach, where Kapiolani Park meets the edge of the Diamond Head State Monument (volcanic crater). The surroundings are paradisiacal, without Waikiki crowds to wash out the sounds of birds chirping nor tall buildings to obstruct natural views. If this is your first time staying here, find peace of mind that you won’t be disappointed with your setting. Although, as a vacation rental property DHBH lacks certain amenities that you may be accustomed to when staying at other tropical resorts, namely airport shuttle service. Knowing this, Honolulu Airport Transfer has made DHBH a part of our ever-growing list of drop-off (and pick-up) destinations. You now have everything you need to make your upcoming vacation go smooth. You can call right now (1-800-929-1219) to book your Honolulu International Airport (HNL) pickup or read ahead first for some additional information.

Why Honolulu Airport Transfer is the Best Way to Get from HNL to Diamond Head Beach Hotel

Direct and Private Service to DHBH

You’ll be pleased to know that we offer direct and private shuttle service to the Diamond Head Beach Hotel. Taking a shared shuttle from HNL to a property this far down Kalakaua Avenue would add an unnecessary hour to your travel time given the sheer number of drop-offs that would need to be done along the way from HNL to Waikiki’s resort/hotel row.

How long does our direct service take? Barring unexpected traffic due to road construction and so forth, a trip from outside of baggage claim (where we meet you) to the lobby of DHBH generally takes from 22-30 minutes. All that you need to do is sit back in air-conditioned comfort in a spacious Sienna minivan and let your professional commercially licensed driver take care of the rest.

What if you arrive early prior to your allotted check-in time? Simply store your luggage and enjoy the lush green Kapiolani Park across the road from DHBH.

Diamond Head Beach Hotel Airport Shuttle

Affordable Flat Rate for DHBH

The best part of our Diamond Head Beach Hotel airport shuttle service is the low flat rate. It’s just $50 for all of your standard luggage and for your entire party of up to four adults (call to inquire about larger parties).

Book Your $50 Diamond Head Beach Hotel Airport Shuttle

Call us 24-hours before the arrival of your flight to book your pickup. From there, you have peace of mind that we’ll be waiting on-site to pick you and your party up from the airport and take you directly to the Diamond Head Beach Hotel. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 to confirm your reservation (no deposit required).

*Note: We also offer transportation from the DHBH to the airport, as needed.