Fast Track from Honolulu Airport to Your Accommodations

Honolulu Airport Fast Track

When you arrive at any airport on vacation you want to get from there to your accommodations as quickly (albeit safely) as possible. This more more true for Hawaii than most other places around the world because every minute in paradise counts. But with Honolulu International Airport being the busiest of all airports in the Hawaiian island chain, expedient transportation to your hotel or rental can be a challenge. Unless you use Honolulu Airport Transfer. Here’s how our affordable flat-rate, private, and direct shuttle beats all other options.

How Honolulu Airport Transfer Beats All Other HNL Transportation Options to Get You to Your Hotel Faster

Why We’re Faster Than Uber/Lyft

Don’t let the local Uber/Lyft driver’s sporty Honda Civic or Prius (snicker) fool you – this is absolutely not the fastest way to get from HNL to your Waikiki (or other) hotel. For one, you have to wait until you’ve gathered up your luggage from baggage claim before requesting the pickup from your smartphone. But that’s not the worst part. Ride-hailing services are only allowed to pick you up on HNL Level 2. Baggage claim, is on Level 1. Where do we meet you? That’s right, as holders of official commercial permits we are permitted to pick you up right outside of baggage claim at the meridian.

Why We’re Faster Than Traditional Taxis

Locals and frequent visitors already know that traditional taxi cabs on Oahu are terrible. But even first-timers (E komo mai!) can do the math on this one because a cab presents the same problem that you find on the mainland – you hope that there’s one waiting outside and ready to roll from the moment you roll your luggage outside of the airport. With Honolulu Airport Transfer, your ride will already be booked – we just need 24-hours advance notice and you’re good to go!

Why We’re Faster Than Shared Shuttles

The answer is pretty clear here. Shared shuttle services from HNL take FOREVER. You don’t leave the airport until all other passengers (who are not as quick and ready to leave as you) gather up their luggage from baggage claim and disappear into the restrooms of HNL before being ready for the 1-1.5 hour turtle-paced expedition. The giant buses don’t exactly navigate I-H-1 E all that swiftly, but the greatest time-drain comes from waiting for passengers to get off at their respective hotels. Unless you’re first (Murphy’s Law never lets that happen) you’ll have to watch and wait your turn which can feel like an eternity. But with Honolulu Airport Transfer, you enjoy your own private and direct shuttle service. And when you’re traveling with another person (or more) the cheap flat rate (just $35 to Waikiki for up to four people) is far more cost efficient than the shared shuttle service. 

Why We’re Faster Than Car Rentals

Airport car rental offices are located on the ground level of the Terminal 2 parking garage. You can’t conveniently walk there. Instead you have to wait for and take a shuttle from the center meridian. The shuttles wait for other passengers to come out to make the drive to the rental offices worthwhile. Plus, once you arrive at your preferred kiosk, you have to deal with all of the paper work and insurance upgrade “threats” before you get the keys to your vehicle. The whole process to rent a car adds about an hour or more to your time at HNL. Allow Honolulu Airport Transfer to whisk you away from the airport instead. Don’t worry, there are many car rentals near your accommodations, whether your staying in Waikiki, Ko Olina, or more rural part of the island.

Why We’re Faster Than The Bus

We’re sure this doesn’t require an explanation, but just in case it does please note that the bus from HNL to Waikiki Beach hotels counts a minimum of 33 stops. ‘Nuff said? If not, you can get further details here.

Remember to give us 24-hours notice and we’ll pick you and your party up from the airport and take you directly to your Oahu accommodations. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 or complete the form found here.