Hawaiian Airlines Airport Shuttle

Hawaiian Airlines Airport Shuttle

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When anyone dreams of an up coming trip to Hawaii, it begins with the one airline everyone wants to take to the island paradise – Hawaiian Airlines. There is no better way to fly. The carrier has a number of slogans, with the most recent being “Authentic Hawaiian Hospitality Awaits”. This speaks to what visitors expect (and get) when flying Hawaiian Airlines. However, does the feeling of island hospitality persist after leaving airport baggage claim? It all depends upon which Honolulu International Airport (HNL) shuttle service you choose to get to your Oahu accommodation. When you book with Honolulu Airport Transfer, your aloha-filled experience will indeed continue. Let’s review.

Why Hawaiian Airlines Passengers Choose Honolulu Airport Transfer for Shuttle Service to Any Hotel on Oahu

Arrive with Aloha, Continue with Aloha

If you’ve chosen Hawaiian Airlines as your chariot to paradise, then you’ve invested in Aloha. It would make no sense to leave HNL in the hands of some random Uber/Lyft driver, or crammed into a shared shuttle with guests arriving from other airlines where the experience was less appealing. They tend to be a little grumpy after their 6-hour or more flight.

Instead, choose your own private shuttle with a professional commercially-licensed driver who is friendly, courteous, and helpful yet efficient. To put you at ease upon arrival, your driver will call or text to let you know exactly where to meet. Once you step outside of baggage claim (view pickup areas) you’ll be greeted by your driver, who will load your luggage for you and tuck you into your spacious, air-conditioned, clean, and comfortable luxury minivan. From there you’ll be whisked away to your hotel or vacation rental, no matter the time of day or wherever on the island it may be. You’ve arrived at HNL with Aloha, be sure to leave the airport in the exact same way.

Lei Greetings Too

Speaking of Aloha, what conveys the visitor vibe better than a lei greeting? You may have purchased a lei for your flight on Hawaiian Airlines. However, after 6-hours or more in the cabin, it may have lost some of its luster. Or, you may not have pre-purchased a lei through the airline at all. Whatever the case may be, you certainly want a fresh one for your arrival at HNL. Honolulu Airport Transfer is proud to offer visitors (our passengers) a lei greeting for a small added fee to your already affordable flat rate (more on this below). Add your HNL lei greeting here.

Private, Direct, and Upscale Experience for a Low Flat Rate

You’ve flown with a premium airline, but you also appreciate value, especially upon arrival at HNL. With Honolulu Airport Transfer, you enjoy a Hawaiian Airlines airport shuttle with all of the comforts and conveniences of the airline without taking on much expense at all. We offer the most cost efficient airport shuttle service on the island. You and your family/friends will enjoy one low flat rate which covers all of your luggage and up to four passengers. For instance, to Waikiki your Hawaiian Airlines airport shuttle is just $35. To the upscale resort community of Ko Olina it’s just $70. View all flat rates (by community) right here. or click the links below to secure your reservation to Oahu’s most popular resort communities.

Book your Hawaiian Airlines shuttle to Waikiki – just $35

Book your Hawaiian Airlines shuttle to Ko Olina – just $70

 Call 1.800.929.1219 for all other Oahu locations

All you need to do is give us 24-hours notice before the arrival of your Hawaiian Airlines flight. Once booked, we’ll pick you and your party up from the airport and take you directly to your accommodations. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 or complete the form found here.

*Note: We also offer transportation from your hotel to the airport, for your return home.