Honolulu Airport Latest and Breaking News – September 2021


As people from all over the world make their plans to return to Hawaii, many are wondering if there are any updates coming out of Honolulu International Airport (HNL) that they may need to know about. While things are running smoother at HNL than they have over the last year and a half, there are some things to take note of. Some may be a little inconvenient, others more beneficial. Let’s review.

Recent News Regarding Honolulu International Airport and How It May Impact Your Transportation To/From HNL

Oahu Safe Access Program’s Impact on HNL Arrivals

Oahu’s “Safe Access Program” is officially underway and runs through until November 2021. The program stipulates that customers at restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters, attractions and other indoor venues show proof of vaccination or show proof of a negative COVID test taken within the last 48 hours. Since the only way to skip the 10-day traveler quarantine requirement is to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test (which is a relatively easy process) this most likely won’t impact you. You will already have proof of either upon arrival at HNL. That said, there is one caveat. The standard negative test requirement allows for 72-hours. The Oahu Safe Access Program mandates 48-hours. Many people arrive after having received their test in the 48-72 hour window. If you’re among them, you will not be able to enter into one of HNL’s eateries/bars. You can still fly into HNL and walk to through the airport to baggage claim as you would normally do, but if you want to grab a bite to eat you’ll have to wait until you get to your hotel.

And don’t worry – our HNL shuttle service will NOT ask for proof of either. You’ve had to run through that gauntlet enough already.

For more information on how the program may impact the remainder of your stay, visit the government resource center.

Mauka Concourse Finally Open

Finally some good news! If you’ve arrived at HNL over the last few years you will have noticed persistent construction. Most of that activity has had to do with construction on the new 230,000-square-foot Mauka Concourse. Four years and over a quarter of $1 billion later the concourse is open. Oahu’s Department of Transportation promises that the investment will provide relief during peak travel times. For visitors (you) it means that there will be less congestion as gates, which will reduce the amount of time it takes between landing and getting off the plane. Or in other words – you’ll enjoy an extra 30-monutes to an hour in paradise without the added wait. On that note, when you choose our private, direct, and flat-rate shuttle to take you from HNL to your accommodations you will arrive in the kingdom even quicker!

Call 1.800.929.1219 to book your HNL pickup or complete the form found here. We look forward to welcoming you (with a lei greeting) back to our beautiful island!