Honolulu Airport to Kawela Bay

Honolulu Airport to Kawela Bay

Not everyone heads straight to their hotel or vacation rental as soon as they leave Honolulu Airport. Some of you are more adventurous and prefer to start your island experience right away, even if it’s to kill time before you’re allowed to check into your accommodations. One place that we take new arrivals to more than you may expect, is to Kawela Bay on the North Shore of Oahu. If you’re about to be among them, below is what you need to know.

Note: everything below also applies to those who have actually snagged a vacation rental along the edges of Kawela Bay.

Best Way to Get to Kawela Bay from Honolulu International Airport and What Else You Need to Consider

Take a Direct, Private, Flat-Rate Shuttle (that actually goes to the North Shore)

Finding efficient transportation from HNL to Oahu’s wild North Shore is certainly not as easy as it is to the resort communities of Waikiki Beach and Ko Olina. There are no dedicated (through Turtle Bay Resort, or through the district of Haleiwa) shuttles to the North Shore, and there are far fewer Uber/Lyft drivers willing to accommodate the near 40-mile trip. Traditional taxis should not even be considered given the tremendous cost, and even they may dodge your request because they will have a hard time finding a fare back from the North Shore to make their journey worthwhile. Lastly, car rentals are best left for after you’ve checked in to your suite or rental, which are available at Turtle Bay whether you’re staying there or not. View more on why the above options to the North Shore, really aren’t.

Instead, the most recommended form of transportation for this trip is a direct, private, and flat-rate shuttle. It’s the closest thing to a dedicated HNL to North Shore shuttle – but exclusive to YOU. All you need to do is book 24-hours in advance and we’ll greet you and your party outside of baggage claim and take you directly to the trail entrance of Kawela Bay. Alternatively, for a very small extra fee (call to inquire) we can take you to your accommodations (Turtle Bay, or rental) to leave your luggage with the concierge (etc.) and then whisk you over to the Kawela Bay entrance on Kamehameha Hwy so that you can enjoy the experience without bags in tow.

Book your flat rate direct shuttle from HNL to Kawela Bay – just $125 for up to four people

What’s Around Kawela Bay?

When you actually get to Kawlea Bay after walking down the trail from Kamehameha Highway, you’ll note how isolated the paradisiacal oasis feels. That’s a big part of the draw. However, right around the corner is Turtle Bay Resort – along with all of the eateries, shops, and amenities you’d expect from an upscale resort. But what you really need to check out before you shuffle along the pathway to paradise, is the Kahuku Farms food stand right across from the beach park’s entrance. From there you can load up on fresh chopped coconut, pineapple, and mango, along with fresh juices and homemade banana bread and other local delicacies. But the absolute “must try” are the fried banana lumpia. Just be sure to order at least a half-dozen per person because these things are addictive!

Aside from above, just make sure that you arrive at Kawela Bay with plenty of daylight left. It’s surrounded by jungle so you don’t want to dig around the brush after sundown. You can get back to Turtle Bay by walking east from the beach onto the cliff-laden trail, or walk back out to Kamehameha Highway to walk (if nearby) or hop on TheBus ($2.50 per person) to your North Shore rental, be it in Kahuku, Pupukea, or more towards Haleiwa Town.

Remember to give us 24-hours notice and we’ll pick you and your party up from the airport and take you directly to Kawela Bay. And as mentioned above, if you want us to drop off your luggage at Turtle Bay or other North Shore property first, call us in advance to work the small fee into your flat rate (if we even feel it needs to be applied). Call us at 1.800.929.1219 or complete the form found here.