Honolulu Airport to Pipeline – What You Need to Know

Honolulu Airport to Pipeline

For some of you, November and December on Oahu take on a whole other meaning beyond traditional holiday festivities. That’s right, winter is big wave season on the North Shore, and with it comes the VANS Triple Crown of Surfing which concludes with the final leg at world famous Banzai Pipeline. There’s also the Volcom Pipe Pro event in February, but alas a visit to surfing’s ultimate proving ground at any time of the year is a right of passage. Bottom line, is that whether you’re a wave rider or just a fan that prefers to watch from the comfort (and safety) of the sandy arena a trip to Ehukai Beach Park is a must on your list. So much in fact, that you’re heading straight there from HNL. Before you do, be sure to read below.

4 Things You Need to Know About Getting from Honolulu International Airport to Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu

1. Timing is Everything – Book a Direct Shuttle

Given that you’re online and searching for information about how to get from Honolulu airport to Pipeline you clearly understand the importance of getting there without a minute to spare. The wave (and barrel) of the year could be happening within a few short hours of your landfall. John John Florence, Jamie O’Brien, Mason Ho, Kelly Slater, and a bevy of other masters of the lineup could be bobbing out there upon the moment of your arrival. This is why you need to pre-book a direct no-share shuttle. Failure to do so can have you scrambling to find an efficient means to get to Ehukai Beach Park (where Pipe is) and gobbling up precious blocks of time in the process.

With Honolulu Airport Transfer, you will be picked up on-time outside of baggage claim, have your luggage (and boards?) loaded, and zipping safely along the I-H-2 N without a second to waste. All you need to do to secure your ride, is contact us 24-hours in advance of your HNL landing.

2. It Can Be an Expensive Trip Unless You Plan Accordingly

It’s precisely 32.1 miles between Honolulu International Airport and Ehukai Beach Park. Right away you know that a taxi is not a financially viable means to get there. The same is true of ride-share options. Not only does this alternative deliver a blow to your time sensitive schedule (you have to get to the designated pickup zone) the cost is extremely variable and can quickly inflate, especially when taking an UberXL if you have lots of luggage and/or boards with you. Plus, if you’re going direct from HNL to Pipeline, it’s daytime and thus primetime, which inflates the cost further. View more on why you should avoid these options (including car rentals) when going from HNL to anywhere on the North Shore.

Instead, when you book with Honolulu Airport Transfer, you’ll enjoy a flat rate of just $110 to Pupukea (where Ehukai/Pipeline are) which can be shared between your party of up to four. Plus, if you are bringing surfboards with you, simply let us know in advance we will provide a rack and secure them for the trip at a small rate of just $4 per board.

Without a doubt, a flat rate direct shuttle is the way to go when you want to do Pipeline on a budget.

3. Check the Surf Report

We’re happy to drop you right at Pipeline if that’s what you want. However, we suggest that you check the event schedule (if coming for the Pipemasters portion of the VANS Triple Crown) to see if the event is happening on the day you land at Honolulu airport. Just because your arrival lands within the event period, a lack of contestable conditions can keep the event from running on any given day. This information will be provided on the worldsurfleague.com website. If visiting Pipeline outside of WCT/WQS schedule, it’s still a good idea to check surf reports to see what the waves will be like that AM or afternoon. You can visit surfline.com or magicseaweed.com for up to date reports and forecasting.

By no means are we suggesting that you don’t go to Pipe on your day of intention, but your sense of urgency to see action can be calmed if conditions aren’t prime, which then allows you the option to start your North Shore journey elsewhere, before hitting Ehukai Beach Park. Keep reading.

4. Amenities Around Pipeline

“Keep the Country, Country” is the mantra around the North Shore, and that means there may not be as much development as you’re accustomed to. So, if you plan on getting dropped off at Pipeline with bags in tow, know that you will have a little bit of a walk to get a bite to eat or explore other area attractions. If the aforementioned contest event schedule and/or surf report gives you some leeway, consider getting dropped off at Shark’s Cove (20-25 minute walk or 4 minute bus ride away from Pipeline). In addition to being a top snorkeling destination, you will find some of the best food trucks on the island and a Foodland to grab supplies, if needed. Other options include Haleiwa Town (15-20 bus ride from Pipeline), Waimea Bay and Waimea Valley (8 and 20 minute bus ride w/walk, respectively), and of course Turtle Bay Resort (12-15 minute bus ride). If you find that you prefer to hit one of these destinations first, let us know as rates may vary (i.e. HNL to Turtle Bay Resort is $125 flat rate) although they remain to be among the most competitive on the island.

If you have any further questions about transportation from Honolulu Airport to Banzai Pipeline, do not hesitate to contact Honolulu Airport Transfer toll-free 1-800-929-1219 or locally at 808-227-1111 at your convenience.