Is a Shared Shuttle from HNL a Thing of the Past?

Honolulu Airport Shared Shuttle

Scenes like this…are history

Just a few months ago (at press) Honolulu International Airport was buzzing with shared shuttle services. Company reps clamored around baggage claim with signs in hand, waiting to corral passengers by the dozens into their 56-seat buses before crawling along Queen Liliʻuokalani Freeway. While these shared shuttle services from Honolulu airport remain (albeit in a significantly reduced capacity) many people are now wondering if they are a thing of the past, at least for the interim while waiting for the health crisis to be wiped from the earth. Honestly, it looks like this is going to be the case, even after COVID-19 is gone without a trace. Here’s why.

Four Reasons Why Shared Shuttle Services from HNL Are No Longer a Reasonable Option in 2020 and Beyond

1. Makes Social Distancing Impossible

Even if operators leave every other row empty, maintaining a 6-foot distance from fellow travelers is pretty much impossible, especially during the boarding and disembarking process. And once on and en-route to your respective hotels, you’re stuck breathing the same air for 30-minutes to an hour with strangers from other states, provinces, and countries. This is certainly not a good idea in today’s day and age. And even when the health crisis has abated, travelers will be rethinking how they get to and from the airport, and looking for ways to minimize contact with others. Moving forward, a direct and private shuttle operating under a commercial permit (with drivers who follow strict health and safety guidelines) are the only reasonable HNL shuttle option for visitors to consider.

2. Harder to Maintain Health and Safety Standards

Managing vehicle sanitization in a private shuttle is much easier than with a shared shuttle. Under the private model, your driver will have wiped down and sanitized the vehicle prior to picking you up. Once you have been dropped off, the process is repeated. With private parties, vehicle surroundings are much easier to control, and it is much easier to clean and sanitize a smaller private minivan.

Under the shared model however, it’s practically chaos. On any given trip, dozens of people from different places may occupy a shared shuttle. While operators may be perform a deep clean – are you (as the next passenger) comfortable with the fact that those seats were occupied by hoards of others from around the world? Do you trust that the driver (or cleaners) properly sanitized each and every seat and touch-point between trips?

3. It’s Not Financially Efficient for Households and Groups

Coming out of the economic crisis families, households, tour groups, and corporate entourages are looking for more budget-friendly options in travel. Next to getting a good deal on their flights and hotels, securing more fiscally efficient transportation from the airport is key. Shared shuttle services claim to be affordable, but remember that you’re paying a per-person rate. As soon as you count two or more people in your party, it no longer makes sense. For instance, most shared shuttles from Honolulu airport to Waikiki change $18 per person (one-way). For two, that’s 36 dollars. Consider that our private no-share shuttle services charges just $35 for up to a party of four, and you’ll wonder why any group or household would choose a shared shuttle service based on budget alone. It’s an antiquated business model that no longer makes sense for budget-conscious travelers.

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4. Visitors Demand More Personalized Services

While visitors to Hawaii will be more budget-conscious, they are also looking for better service. The worldwide “pause” has made people appreciate the finer things, as they look to take full advantage of their leisure time. They (you!) now rightfully demand more personalized services, which begins from the moment you step out of the plane from the mainland or other island. Life is simply too short to spend another minute wasted waiting for a shared shuttle to pick up passengers and drop them off one-by-one at their respective hotels like a conveyor belt back at HNL baggage claim. Instead, private and direct shuttle services will become the most sought after form of airport transportation – offering personalized attention that the shared shuttle model could never emulate. For instance, in addition to providing a more personal way to get to your hotel from HNL, Honolulu Airport Transfer also offers customized (for you!) island driving tours, which can even begin from the moment you are picked up from the airport. Learn more about our custom island tour options.

A flat rate, direct, and private shuttle from HNL is the only way to go in 2020 and beyond. Remember to give us 24-hours notice and we’ll pick you and your party up from the airport and take you directly to your accommodations in a clean, sanitized, and comfortable environment. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 or complete the form found here.