Honolulu Airport Greeting Gifts to Get Your New Arrival

Honolulu Airport Greeting Gifts

Do you have a friend, family member, or close colleague visiting Oahu for their very first time? Do you want to make their arrival a memorable one with a budget-friendly yet meaningful gift? Whether you’re a local or you simply had the pleasure of arriving on the island a day or two before them, your gesture will be greatly appreciated, and as HNL’s premier direct shuttle transfer service, we have some advice to make sure your generous intentions go without a hitch.

3 Gift Ideas That Your Honolulu International Airport Arrival (Guest) Will Appreciate

1. Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts may be a common souvenir that visitors take home after a trip to Oahu, but why not flip the script and give them this popular island gift upon arrival? Think about it, they’ve just been stuck in the air for six or more hours, forced to eat airplane food, and pining for something to satisfy their hunger pangs before heading to the hotel. This light snack is a perfect choice, as it’s representative of the Hawaiian Islands yet not so filling that they’ll ruin their appetite for what’s waiting in Waikiki or other culinary hotspots. There are some great places to pick up creatively boxed or wrapped macadamia nut gifts, including these nearby (to HNL) shopping destinations.

2. Locally Grown Pineapple

This is another popular “take home”, but one that actually makes even more sense as a gift to give on arrival. For one, the pineapple is the international symbol of hospitality, so the significance for your island guest cannot be understated. Then there is the fact that the pineapple is another important symbol of Hawaii life, especially for Oahu which is home to world famous Dole Plantation in addition to lesser known (to malihini) Helemano Plantation. Simply put, there’s nary a better way to guarantee a smile (if not hearty laugh) to grace the face of your arriving party than by gifting them with a beautiful, ripe, sweet smelling and ready-to-eat crown jewel of the island.

3. Lei Greeting with Direct Shuttle Service

OK, so you saw “lei greeting” a mile away, and we would indeed be remiss to leave this most popular and meaningful island arrival gift off the list. Presenting your party with a lei is the most traditional and thoughtful way to meet them at Daniel K. Inouye International, but it can also be one of the more challenging ones since freshness of the flowers is imperative to success.

If you’re faced with unpredictable traffic from your destination, or dread dealing with parking and baggage claim access thanks to the recent construction taking place at HNL at this very moment, a prompt pickup with a proper lei greeting and a quick ride to your guest’s accommodations can be a daunting prospect. But there’s a solution – you can book a direct, non-stop, no-share shuttle with the most aloha-spirited airport transfer service on Oahu. Honolulu Airport Transfer not only offers competitive flat rates to keep your gift well within budget, we also provide a lei greeting service so that you don’t have to worry about freshness or variety. That’s right, in addition to our classic orchid and tuberose leis (only $10 each), we can arrange for more intricate varieties and weaves (prices vary), including kukui nut, ti leaf, deluxe orchid, deluxe tuberose and orchid, and deluxe cigar leaf lei. An airport shuttle with classic lei booking only requires 24 hour notice. For exclusive lei varieties, please provide 48 hours notice.

By booking your guest with Honolulu Airport Transfer, you chariot them from HNL to their Oahu destination as quickly and efficiently as possible, where their greatest gift off all awaits with open arms – you! Complete the form here to provide us with the details of their arrival and we’ll take care of the rest.