Honolulu Airport Latest and Breaking News – Summer 2019

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As an authority on transportation to and from Honolulu International Airport we consider it a key part of our job to stay on top of current events concerning HNL. It’s essential that our current and prospective customers/clients are alerted about anything that pertains to their arrivals and departures. Now that we’re in the thick of the summer season, now is a good time for an update.

Recent News Regarding Honolulu International Airport and How It May Impact Your Transportation To/From HNL

Abandoned Cars Compound HNL Parking Woes

On July 31 the transportation authority announced that five-dozen abandoned vehicles have been taking space in HNL’s parking lots, further aggravating congestion. While the automobiles have been slated for gradual removal over the weeks (months?) ahead this is just another reason why you should seek HNL transportation that doesn’t require pickup or drop-off where parking (be it for less than an hour, or for the days of your trip) is required. Use a shuttle service instead and leave your car parked comfortably in your garage or carport.

Thrillist Not Thrilled by HNL

In the first week of August, popular “buzz worthy” news site Thrillist released its annual list of the 25 Best and Worst Airports in America 2019. Well, HNL fell short, finding itself in the number 25 spot on the less flattering side of the coin. To be fair, the airport has made great strides over the last year and you should not be surprised to find HNL in the Top 25 “Best” in a near annum to come, but there is admittedly room for improvement. Take our recent list of things to avoid after arriving at HNL, which among others includes dining, shopping, and not booking a direct flat rate shuttle ahead of time. We can obviously help with the latter (book here) but can even guide you to preferred destinations near the airport should you need to kill time before checking into your accommodations. Remember, you’re arriving on a tropical island so don’t sweat what some list has to say about the airport, and instead get whisked away to paradise as soon as you leave baggage claim.

HNL Rail Delayed AGAIN

Visitors and residents may or may not be excited about the prospect of a rail system connecting Oahu communities to the airport. But no matter if you fall in the argument for or against, the arrival of the rail continues to be plagued by delays. This summer, the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) announced another half-year setback in rail construction near HNL, after contaminants were found in the groundwater – contaminants that will cost an estimated $10 million, piling on top of an already towering rail construction bill. What does this mean to you? For the foreseeable future, your best bet for HNL transport remains to be our direct shuttle service. And what about after? Don’t be surprised if the same public transit problems are found on the HART rail when picking up and dropping off passengers at HNL.

As you can see, for nearly every breaking news concern about HNL, there is a direct solution, one that will ease a very significant part of your island travels. Find peace of mind before your flight to/from Honolulu International Airport by booking your direct, price, flat rate shuttle as soon as you know your flight date and time. Contact us at 1.800.929.1219 to book or with any questions whatsoever.