Honolulu Airport to Lanikai Beach

Honolulu Airport to Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach is considered to be the best beach on Oahu by hoards of people, which is why on a sunny day you’ll find an equal number of them laying down towels and pitching umbrellas into the white sand. Ironically they come for the privacy, but also the relatively calm water and impeccable view – most notably that of the Mokulua Islands. Lanikai Beach is found in an otherwise quiet residential community without a hotel in sight, which means you’re probably staying at a vacation rental. Without dedicated visitor transportation to Kailua (where the beach community is located) you need to find your own transportation from HNL directly to your Lanikai accommodations. That’s where we come in.

Best Way to Get from Honolulu International Airport to Lanikai Beach and What Else You Need to Know

Take a Direct Flat Rate Shuttle from HNL

With no hotel anywhere in Kailua there is no resort-based shuttle service to the windward side community. In fact, after Mayor Caldwell’s recent Bill 89 made it clear that Kailua does not qualify as a resort community fewer HNL transportation operators make it a part of their private routes. This limits your options when compared to Waikiki and Ko Olina, which both have resort designation.

Are ride hailing services an option? Not when you have a small group with a typical luggage load traveling with you, which requires a roomier UberXL – a much more expensive option. Traditional taxis are also a major rip off, and certainly not the way to arrive in the upscale community. We also suggest saving a car rental for after you’ve settled into your Lanikai Beach accommodation because the near 20-mile drive from HNL can be pretty brutal during high traffic periods, not to mention a bit confusing when getting off of the I-H-3 E to HI-630 E/HI-65 E/Mokapu Blvd towards Kailua. There’s an Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Kailua, which you should absolutely consider when it comes to exploring the windward coast later on.

So what is your best option for getting from HNL to Lanikai Beach? Our direct, private, flat-rate shuttle. For just a $70 flat rate (for up to four people!) you can get picked up outside of HNL baggage claim and be taken right to the front gate of your beach community rental. You will travel in air-conditioned comfort and style in your sleek black Sienna minivan, and if you choose, can be greeted by your driver with fresh orchid leis. There is truly no better way to get from the airport to Lanikai Beach.

Book your direct flat-rate $70 shuttle from HNL to Lanikai Beach

Why Timing Arrival in Lanikai is Very Important

Lanikai is located in a fairly remote luxury community, so you should plan your HNL pickup and drop-off accordingly. Unlike Kailua Beach (which is to the northwest of Lanikai Beach) there are no shops, eateries, or other commercial amenities to bide the time at. You might think getting dropped off in Kailua is a good idea if you have arrived at HNL far before your allowed check-in time, but the walk from Kailua Beach to Lanikai Beach is pretty terrible if you have bags with you. On paper it’s just a ten-minute stroll, but the reality is much different because you have to walk uphill from Kailua Beach Park along Mokulua Road. On a hot day it’s brutal. On a rainy day it’s worse. When arriving with luggage or even just carry-ons you’ll want to be dropped off right in front of your accommodation.

Be sure to coordinate with the renter so that you can get your keys as soon as possible, and more importantly choose the right HNL transportation service (yours truly) to make sure you get to Lanikai Beach on time. What if you still have time to kill, and a hike up Lanikai Pillbox with bags in tow doesn’t sound so great? It just so happens that you’re staying in the heart of our very own “See the Small Islands” driving tour of Oahu. We can work a tour of the windward side’s off-shore islands into your airport transportation and create a package that will make the day of your arrival the most memorable one of your entire stay. View more about our custom island tours which can begin at HNL, or any other time of your choosing.

Whether you simply need a ride from the airport to Lanikai Beach, or want to add-on a custom tour, just give us 24-hours notice. We’ll pick you and your party up from the airport and take you directly to beautiful Lanikai Beach or anywhere else you need to go. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 or complete the form found here.