Honolulu Airport Transportation to Ko Olina

Honolulu Airport Transportation to Ko Olina

Ko Olina is an over 600-acre master-planned resort community on Oahu’s leeward coast. It’s an oasis far departed from the bustle of Waikiki, yet affords visitors the amenities and luxury they demand for their hard earned vacation. Given its isolated proximity from “town” choosing the right transportation from the airport is essential to making sure your Ko Olina stay starts without a hitch. Below is our recommendation for the best way to get to the resort community, along with a few other important details.

Best Way to Get from Honolulu International Airport to the Ko Olina Resort Community and What Else You Need to Know

Take a Flat-Rate Private Shuttle from HNL Directly to Your Ko Olina Accommodation

We usher visitors in and out of Ko Olina (to/from HNL) practically every day. We know the ins and out of this process better than any and have provided detailed guides (more on this below) as to why traditional taxis and ride-hailing services to Ko Olina are not reasonable options. Both are typically much more expensive (you most likely need an UberXL for your party and luggage) than our flat-rate private shuttle. And if you were considering city transit, you should know that TheBus is not permitted to enter Ko Olina – you would literally be dropped off on Farrington Highway and have to walk a significant distance under the hot leeward sun. Perhaps the greatest reason for using our private transportation service, is steeped in the fact that you’re staying in the most upscale community of Oahu. Do you really want to pull up to your resort in a weathered taxi or cramped up in some random Uber/Lyft driver’s 2015 Ford Fusion? Or, would you prefer a professional driver escort your party in a new, clean, air-conditioned, sleek black Toyota Sienna van, with everyone within draped in fresh orchid leis? You can have it all for an affordable $70 flat rate for up to four passengers, with a small additional cost for a lei greeting if desired. View more on why you should take flat-rate private transportation from Honolulu Airport to your Ko Olina accommodation:

The information in the above articles applies to all Ko Olina resorts, indulging the Four Seasons, Ko Olina Resort, and Ko Olina Beach Villas in addition to short term vacation rentals. More on the latter, below.

Book your private flat rate shuttle from HNL to Ko Olina – just $70

Navigating the Vacation Rental Workaround When Getting Dropped Off

You may have heard the news about Honolulu Mayor Caldwell passing Bill 89, which restricted the number of short term rentals (STRs) permitted to operate on Oahu. Thankfully for you, Ko Olina lands in one of the approved resort communities which gives you options beyond the 5-star hotels. However, most STRs are technically not licensed to rent to vacationers staying under 30-days. While designated resort communities are pretty “loose” when it comes to this technicality, STR owners prefer that those staying under 30-days be somewhat discreet when showing up to check-in. For those of you staying under 30-days in a Ko Olina STR, you will want to schedule an HNL pickup that you can trust to be ready and waiting for you outside of baggage claim. That way, you can coordinate a near-exact time of your arrival with your rental host. The last thing you want is to be left curbside and wandering around a gated community (i.e. Coconut Plantation) because you arrived in Ko Olina much later than initially planned. When you take an Uber or Lyft, which is not located outside of HNL baggage claim, you lose valuable time heading to the designated pickup zone, nor do you gain a driver that knows every single address within the exclusive community.

Regardless of where within Ko Olina you’re staying, we will get you there in the most affordable, comfortable, efficient, and pleasant way possible. If you have any additional questions about getting from HNL to this unique resort community, contact us directly by calling toll-free to 1-800-929-1219, anytime.