Honolulu Airport to Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Honolulu Airport to Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Established way back in 1927, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel is edging ever so closely to it’s 100 year anniversary, and yet to this day the unmistakable “Pink Palace” continues to draw guests from around the world. As you arrive at the gateway to the island, your eager anticipation comes to a bubble as you move from your plane to baggage claim and prepare to head to Waikiki Beach where your luxurious accommodations await. But before taking that final step, you need to figure out how to get to the property, which is where we come in. Below we take a look at why Honolulu Airport Transfer is the best option for getting to the Royal Hawaiian from HNL and a few other key things you need to know.

Best Way to Get from Honolulu International Airport to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and What Else You Need to Know

Take the Most Efficient Shuttle from HNL to the Royal Hawaiian

You may have heard that there is a dedicated shuttle service from HNL to the property, but that service is not the most convenient mode of transportation.

For one, the purportedly dedicated shuttle actually services Sheraton Waikiki, Moana Surfrider, Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel, and the Royal Hawaiian. That means the shuttle stops at all of these locations. As you can see, it’s not the “direct” service you were hoping for. Who wants to wait for other passengers to gather their things from baggage claim, then sit the the gauntlet of drop-offs before you get to arrive at your own personal paradise? Instead, book your private shuttle with us. You don’t have to share your shuttle with anyone outside of your party. We offer you a direct, private, non-stop shuttle service from HNL. That is the only way to arrive at this luxury hotel!

Book your direct private shuttle from HNL to Royal Hawaiian

What about cost? Other shuttle services assume that because you’re staying at the Royal Hawaiian that you’re happy to toss dollar bills in their direction without a thought. But you’ve arrived at your station in life because you’re smart with your money, so why not save some while enjoying your private transportation? When you book with the “other guys” you pay $17 per person from HNL to The Royal Hawaiian. Take note that it’s “per person”, so when you have two, three, or four people in your party, you’re looking at $34, $51, and $68 respectively. And that’s for a shared (with strangers) service! That simply doesn’t make sense. But when you book your private shuttle with us, your entire party of four (or two, three, etc.) with luggage in tow pays only $35 in total.

Book your $35 flat rate (up to four people) shuttle from HNL to Royal Hawaiian

As you can see, when it comes efficiency we simply can’t be beat. But of course, there’s more to consider.

Don’t Pull Up in an Uber or Taxi to this Upscale Resort

The Royal Hawaiian may very well be the most luxurious and iconic hotel on the entire island of Oahu. Do you really want to arrive at the elegant floral-dripped entry via a non-professional nor commercially licensed driver? Certainly not. And what about a traditional taxi? Have you seen the old taxis waiting outside of HNL? This is not how you want to begin your five-star stay in what may very well be the Garden of Eden’s ground zero. View more on why you should never take an Uber or Lyft from HNL, and why common taxis are about as good of an option as taking the city bus. Instead, arrive in a new, spacious, luxurious, and comfortable Sienna.

Book your new Sienna shuttle from HNL to Royal Hawaiian

Add a lei greeting for everyone in your party

What to Do if You Arrive Early

So you’ve decided that our HNL transfer service makes the most sense from all points of view. But what if you arrive at the airport hours before you’re allowed to check into your room or suite? Should you still book your pickup for just after your arrival, or bide the spare time in the airport?

If this is your first time staying at the Royal Hawaiian, then you probably would not even be wondering this. For the rest, we can safely say that you should absolutely make your way from HNL to the resort as soon as you arrive. The Royal Hawaiian staff is not only accommodating and more than happy to store your things until your room/suite is ready, the property itself begs guests to explore, something that can easily consume a couple of hours as your make your way through its wondrous halls and admire the art, artifacts, and architecture from the near-century old landmark. The expansive and lush garden grounds are also ripe for exploration and photo taking. That said, if you’re too wiped from your 6 hour or more flight to explore Waikiki or the property, then we highly recommend sitting in comfort at the equally legendary Mai Tai Bar where you must (and we mean must) order the cocktail of the same namesake and enjoy the Waikiki Beach view just a few steps away. There is no shortage of things to do, see, and soak up here, so feel free to book your HNL transfer to coincide with the time of your airport arrival.

Have any additional questions about getting from HNL to Royal Hawaiian? Contact us directly by calling toll-free to 1-800-929-1219, anytime.