How to Get from Honolulu Airport to Laie

How to Get from Honolulu Airport to Laie

One of the most unique communities on the island is also one of the furthest from Honolulu International Airport, making it a bit of a challenge for those heading there from HNL for the first time. However, it needn’t be with the right guidance, and we mean more than GPS directions. Today we are providing some insight into what you need to know before you arrive at the airport so that you can better plan your journey to the laid back coastal gem known as Laie.

2 Important Things You Need to Know About Getting from Honolulu International Airport to Laie Oahu

1. The Road from HNL to Laie

If you were to draw a line from the airport to Laie you would cut right through Mililani Mauka – Lualani Valley, the Ewa Forest Reserve, and Kaipapau Forest Reserve. So you can see you’re going to have to take the long way sans a helicopter. That means taking either the HI-83 W to Kaneohe and along the windward side or by hitting the HI-83 E to and eventually though practically the entire stretch of the North Shore, including Haleiwa, Pupukea, Kahuku and into Laie. While Laie is considered to be on the North Shore it’s essentially on the border between the seven mile miracle and the windward side.

Long story short, this long journey isn’t recommended for a car rental (being your first time), nor is it financially reasonable via taxi or Uber/Lyft when you need room for luggage and your party. For instance, if you turn on your Uber app during prime time (9AM to 5PM) and check the price for an UberXL from HNL to Laie you’re looking at an estimated $159 or potentially more. That’s a lot to pay for a long ride with a random kane/wahine who is not a professionally trained driver. Plus, since you will be cruising along the breathtaking stretch of either the North Shore or windward side, wouldn’t you prefer to be able to sit back in comfort and enjoy the views?

Sure, you could take city transit if you have 2.5-3 hours to spare, no luggage (they don’t accept luggage), and you don’t mind strange smells, bad air conditioning, and getting dropped on somewhere on Kamehameha late at night (for evening arrivals). Since that’s clearly not an option, and there is no official Courtyard Marriott shuttle (the only major hotel in Laie) you will either have to take a shared shuttle or direct shuttle. Yes, you will save about $20-25 on the shared shuttle, but that’s only if you are traveling alone. As soon as you add one more person to your party the total cost doubles, and then increases proportionately per person. Doesn’t make sense, does it? Therefore you can see that the only reasonable solution is to take a direct, flat rate, no share shuttle. Heck, even if you’re traveling alone it makes sense because you don’t have to wait for other parties to be gathered up at baggage claim and to get dropped off at other hotels along the way.

Book your flat rate direct shuttle from HNL to Laie – just $110 for up to four people

2. Time to Spare in Laie?

If your flight arrives early you will have lots of time to spare before you can check into the Courtyard Marriott, Tiki Moon Villas, or other vacation rental. Thankfully there are some great things to see and do in the community before check-in time arrives. These include the following highlights:

  • Laie Point – historical natural landmark with cliff jumping for the most daring.
  • Polynesian Cultural Center – Polynesian themed theme park, museum, and activity center with daily luaus, tours, and show packages.
  • BYU University Campus
  • Hukilau Beach Park
  • Malaekahana State Recreation Area

Laie is a very spiritual community with a heavy mormon presence that includes little to no alcohol so you can walk around without any concern at pretty much any time of the day. As per our recent article on what to do after an early HNL arrival you can hit one of the numerous places to eat near your Laie accommodations or really make the most of your time with a custom driving tour of the area or beyond. That’s right, in addition to picking you up from the airport, we can help you bide the time in the best way possible. You can either design your own custom tour or simply let us know what sort of thing you’re interest in and we’ll create a tour for you. When done, we’ll drop you off right at your Laie hotel/rental with one of your best island experiences already checked off of your itinerary.

If you have any questions about booking your direct HNL shuttle to Laie and/or custom tour, please call us toll-free at 1-800-929-1219 anytime.