Oasis Hotel Waikiki Airport Shuttle

Oasis Hotel Waikiki Airport Shuttle

Tucked discretely into the western edge of Waikiki at 320 Lewers Street is the aptly named Oasis Hotel Waikiki. It’s a relatively budget friendly property that maintains consistent 4-Star Google Reviews to provide new guests with confidence that their Oahu vacation will start off right. That being said, to truly begin with a great impression they (you) must choose the best way to get from Honolulu International Airport (HNL) to the accommodation. Unfortunately the Oasis does not offer guests dedicated airport shuttle service which is what has brought you here. This is the good news, because we have added a route to take visitors from outside of HNL baggage claim directly to the front entrance of the Oasis Hotel. Book pickup now by calling 1-800-929-1219 and read ahead first for more information.

Why Honolulu Airport Transfer is the Best Way to Get from HNL to Oasis Hotel Waikiki

Direct, Private, and Most Cost Efficient

Our Oasis Hotel Waikiki airport shuttle service is direct and private. To clarify what that means, is that your professional commercially licensed driver will greet you right outside of your designated (by the airline) baggage claim, will place a lei around your neck/s (if you add it to your package) and load your luggage while you settle in and get carried away in comfort to the hotel. This is not a shared shuttle service so you and your party (family, friends, coworkers, etc.) do not have to rub elbows with anyone else. The Sienna minivan chariot is yours and yours alone.

It’s also important to note that a direct and private shuttle from HNL is always preferred over a car rental from the airport. Renting a car from the airport costs significantly more (more than a 100% markup in most cases) when compared to rates in Waikiki. Further, a car rental from HNL adds anywhere between 1 to 3 extra hours of time wasted. From waiting in line to get your rental at the airport to dealing with valet parking at the Oasis Hotel, it simply adds too much hassle to what should be an enjoyable first few moments on the island.

Oasis Hotel Waikiki Airport Shuttle

Lastly, and most importantly for most, is the fact that we offer the most cost efficient service. Our low flat rate of just $45 is for ALL of your standard luggage and for your entire party of up to four adults (call to inquire about larger parties).

Book Your $45 Oasis Hotel Waikiki  Airport Shuttle

Early Arrivals

What happens if you arrival on an early AM flight and you’re not able to check in to the hotel for hours after touching down on the tarmac? Should you request a later pickup from our shuttle service? You can if you want to, as we accommodate pickups at any time of the morning, afternoon, or evening. However, the Oasis Hotel is accommodating to early arrivals. You can kick back with refreshments in their casual open air lobby without feeling as if you’re intruding, and/or you can leave your luggage with reception and walk down Lewers Street (pictured below) which leads to all of the action in Waikiki.

Oasis Hotel Waikiki Airport Shuttle

Oasis Hotel Waikiki Airport Shuttle

Call us 24-hours before the arrival of your flight to book your pickup. From there, you have peace of mind that we’ll be waiting on-site to pick you and your party up from the airport and take you directly to the Oasis Hotel Waikiki. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 to confirm your reservation (no deposit required).

*Note: We also offer transportation from the Oasis Hotel Waikiki to the airport, as needed.