Transportation from Honolulu Airport to the Ilikai Hotel

Transportation from Honolulu Airport to Ilikai Hotel

A view from the Ilikai

Ilikai Hotel is often overlooked given that it’s located on the outskirts of Waikiki, but while it may be a bit removed from the world famous Duke Kahanamoku statue, it’s actually considered to be one of the most conveniently located resort properties in Honolulu. The Ilikai is found at the elbow of Ala Moana Boulevard as it makes its way towards Kalakaua Avenue – a gateway for those taking the scenic route from HNL to the main tourist area. It’s near Ala Wai Harbor, Magic Island Lagoon, Ala Moana Shopping Center, and boasts quick access to a wide number of shops and eateries to satiate your every need. But despite the fitting locale, you want to make sure that you choose the best form of airport transportation to avoid loosing valuable time stuck in traffic with an unprofessional driver and in an unflattering (to the island) vehicle. The good news, is that you’ve already found what you’re looking for.

Best Way to Get from Honolulu International Airport to Ilikai Hotel in Honolulu

Take an Affordable Flat-Rate, Private, and Direct Shuttle

There is no dedicated airport shuttle to take you from HNL to the Ilikai. There are shared shuttle services, but most visitors avoid going this route. Why? Shared shuttles are like cattle calls. People arriving from a variety of flights all gather around baggage claim, waiting to get their respective bags and oversize luggage (golf clubs, car seats, etc.). After an hour or so, everyone who has booked a shared shuttle is finally ready for loading. You are corralled into your bus and slowly edge your way from HNL’s Rogers Blvd and eventually through to Nimitz Highway. If taking that route, there will likely be drop-offs at the Cruise Ship terminal and Ala Moana Hotel which eats up even more time of the caterpillar-paced shared shuttle. If the shuttle has many other destinations on the eastern end of Waikiki, they may instead take the I-H-1 E and pop-out to Kuhio avenue and drop passengers off at a number of hotels (Aqua/Aston properties, Queen Kapiolani, etc.) before circling back for it’s final run to the Hilton Hawaiian Village and its next door neighbor – the Ilikai. That puts your into the lobby way later than you ever anticipated. Unless your staying here for two-weeks or more that’s time you can’t make up!

OK, so shared shuttles are not a very good option from HNL, but neither is Uber or Lyft. Why? The ride-hailing pickup zones are inconveniently located at the airport. In addition, you’ll have to pay-up for an UberXL or LyftXL to accommodate your luggage and party size. But that’s not all – view more on why you should skip Uber/Lyft from HNL and instead use it for getting around the island after you’ve checked into the hotel. Traditional taxis from HNL are also a poor option, with inflated fares and discourteous drivers (they missed the course on “Aloha”). What about a car rental? Renting a car from the airport adds about an hour to your lost time, and plus you’ll be stuck dealing with traffic in an unknown area. Save your car rental for after you’ve arrived and are rested. There is an Enterprise, Hertz, and Dollar Car Rental just outside of the Ilikai at your convenience for when you’re up for a day trip around the island.

So what now? That’s right – the most affordable flat-rate, private, and direct transportation from Honolulu Airport to Ilikai Hotel. Honolulu Airport Transfer will pick you up right outside of baggage claim within minutes if your arrival, greet your entire party with fresh lei (if desired), load your luggage, and sweep you away in spacious, air-conditioned comfort to the Ilikai. You get this direct private shuttle for just $35 for your entire party (up to four) – which is much more economical than all other viable alternatives.

Book your flat rate direct shuttle from HNL to Ilikai Hotel – just $35

Remember to give us 24-hours notice and we’ll pick you and your party up from the airport and take you directly to the Ilikai Hotel. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 or complete the form found here.