Honolulu Airport Latest and Breaking News – Autumn 2019

Honolulu Airport Latest and Breaking News - Autumn 2019

It’s time for our quarterly news update for Honolulu International Airport as we share information that applies to the cherished visitors of our island – you. We don’t sugar coat anything here as even though Daniel K. Inouye International is perched in paradise it does come with challenges from time to time. But as always, we will make your arrival (and subsequent departure) a pleasant one no matter what awaits you at the terminal. Let’s review what you need to know about HNL this autumn season of 2019.

Recent News About Honolulu International Airport and Why Visitors Are Looking to Our Direct Shuttle Service as Part of the Solution

JD Power Points to Low Customer Satisfaction at HNL

The latest (annual) JD Power Poll of nearly 33,000 travelers didn’t exactly boost HNL’s power rankings. The poll is based on a total of six factors, including terminal facilities, airport accessibility, baggage claim, security check, baggage check and food, beverage and retail options. On a 1,000-point scale, HNL tallied up 719 points in 2019. On paper the score is not terrible by any means, but when compared to the rest of North America it came in at third worst. To be fair, HNL is not an airport you should be spending a lot of time at – as just outside of baggage claim is an island paradise. But still there is a lot of room for improvement especially when it comes to easily accessible transportation options surrounding baggage claim and HNL facilities in general. Common visitor complaints about some of the common transportation options are addressed below for your reference:

Many visitors are also irritated by the shared shuttles that take them to Waikiki. For one, you have to wait for all other passengers to gather their belongings from baggage claim before your shared shuttle departs. Given that baggage claim is one of the reported issues with HNL, it can take 30-min to an hour just to leave the airport, which chips away at valuable island time. Then you have to wait until all other passengers are dropped off at their respective hotels. Lastly, the shared option is not as economical as you may think because it is based on individual pricing. If you have two people in your party you may as well look at another option. If you have three or more in your party you absolutely should look at another option. That option is a direct, no-share, flat-rate shuttle. Unfortunately many visitors are not made aware of this preferred alternative as big brand shuttle bus operators want to keep it “hush hush”. Thankfully you’ve found this article.

When you book a direct, upscale, and private flat rate shuttle with Honolulu Airport Transfer, you pay just $35 to Waikiki for your entire party of up to four people, luggage included (small fee for additional passengers).

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Electric Vehicles Further Strain HNL Parking Space

Available parking has long been an issue at HNL (or any airport for that matter) but recent news states that electric vehicles, for all of the environmental good that they do, are straining space resources. In October, Hawai’i Public Radio pointed out that the fact that electric vehicles can be parked at the airport for free instead of paying an $18 a day fee is why lots are filling up. In fact, they state electric vehicles take up about 20 percent of the stalls at HNL.

In response, Timothy Sakahara, the Director of Communications for the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) is asking travelers not to bring their own vehicles to the airport:

“The Hawaii Department of Transportation on Thursday urged travelers going to the Daniel K. Inouye Honolulu Airport to leave their cars at home and have someone drop them off as the parking structures are reaching capacity.” (Hawai’i Public Radio, October 10 2019)

That “someone” is Honolulu Airport Transfer. We will take all of the parking ails off your (or friend / family member) shoulders and manage the HNL pick-up and drop-off so that no time is wasted in search of a parking stall that will stall arrival or departure. As a commercial permit holder (unlike Uber/Lyft drivers) we can drop you off right in front of your airline check-in, and pick you up right outside of baggage claim. There really is no better way around the parking woes that plague HNL.

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Stay tuned to our blog for future updates along with other helpful tips about traveling to/from the Honolulu airport. To book your direct shuttle, simply contact us 24-hours in advance of your arrival or departure and we’ll take care of the rest. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 or complete the form found here.