Honolulu Airport News Updates – Autumn 2018

Honolulu Airport News Updates

At the start of each “season” (a loose term that really only applies to waves here on the island) we like to chime in with news updates that apply to the Honolulu International Airport. It’s important to keep up and coming visitors informed should current events have an impact on their stay and travel plans, even if to some small extent. Without further adieu, let’s see what’s brewing in and around Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL).

5 Current Events Regarding Honolulu International Airport That Visitors Want to Know About

HNL Participating in Airport Restaurant Month

Honolulu Airport is one of over 50 airports (presumably one per U.S. state) in North America participating in Host Marriott Services’ HMSHost’s Airport Restaurant Month event. First launched in October 2014, the affair salutes the delivery of innovative dining, local concepts and culinary expertise to airports across the continent (and apparently outside of the continent). HNL’s inclusion tells visitors that it may be worth arriving at the airport early before a flight, or sticking around after arrival especially if there’s time to kill between then and accommodation check-in. View the lineup of dining options you can find at the airport and if you like what you see, let us know and we’ll arrange your drop-off of pickup accordingly!

So…Results from J.D. Power’s North America Airport Satisfaction Study Are In

Let’s start by saying that you should not judge an island by its airport. In fact, some of the most amazing tropical destinations in the world have airports that are a “work in progress”. According to J.D. Power’s North America Airport Satisfaction Study, HNL was tied for the sixth least favorite airport in the nation. The study takes six factors into consideration: terminal facilities, airport accessibility, security check, baggage claim, check-in and baggage check, and food, beverage and retail.

Now to be fair, there have been a TON of updates to amenities (including those referenced in item #1 above) over the past year, so we have a strong feeling that the results will look a lot different in 2019. That being said, things can get pretty hectic in regards to check-in, baggage check, and baggage claim (etc.) which is why the decision about transportation to and from the airport is the most important one you can make. Choose wrong, and you may be filling out the J.D. Power survey with a rightful chip on your shoulder too!

Skip the hassle (and other issues) of getting from baggage to the designated ride-share pickup zone, avoid the stress of renting a car, steer clear of inflated taxi fares, and don’t even think about taking the city bus. Instead, book a non-stop, flat-rate, no-share shuttle to/from HNL and the whole airport experience will go much smoother for you when compared to those who did not.

New Four-Legged Security at HNL

Security at Honolulu Airport just got better, and even cuter, as highly-trained canines were added to the security crew at the end of September and will become a stable in the airport from October on in. Just remember, resist the urge to pet them (and their handlers) as they are working after all.

New Non-Stop Flights Added for Mainlanders

Getting to Oahu is about to get a whole lot easier for many mainlanders, as airlines are filling the demand for more non-stop flights to paradise. For example, Hawaiian Airlines is now offering direct flights from Logan Airport to HNL (which will be the longest non-stop flight in America) to the delight of Boston and New England area residents. In addition, as of June 2019, Delta will fly directly from Detroit Metropolitan Airport to Honolulu. Stay tuned as more major airlines add direct flights to HNL from the U.S., Canada, and across the world.

And do you know what goes well with a direct, non-stop flight to Honolulu? A direct, non-stop shuttle to your hotel of course!

Airline Competition Will Bring Down Costs of Your Next Oahu Vacation

With the above mentioned addition of direct flights from the mainland to Oahu, competition for your vacation dollars will get more fierce. The law of supply will kick in, and drive down the cost of flights to Honolulu. Check flights (especially outside of peak season) often in the months ahead and be prepared to capitalize on affordable flights to Oahu, and once you book, follow up with these cheap flat rates from HNL to your hotel.

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