Honolulu Airport to Aloha Stadium

Honolulu Airport to Aloha Stadium

Need to get straight from Honolulu International Airport to world famous Aloha Stadium? As a focal point for many of the islands most anticipated events it make sense that you be may headed straight here instead of your accommodations. For instance, at press (summer 2019) you’ve got the state fair, a Multi-Island Reggae Music Festival, and of course the NFL preseason matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys (August 17) along with the Hawaii Warriors NCAAF schedule which is set to kick off too. Whatever the reasons may be, you need to get to Aloha Stadium from HNL baggage claim as expediently as possible, so let’s get to it.

3 Things for Visitors to Consider When Heading from Honolulu Airport to Aloha Stadium on Oahu

The Best Way to Get to Aloha Stadium from HNL

Aloha Stadium is found in Halawa, a western suburb of Honolulu. This is no tourist center, but it is surrounded by high traffic zones heading to and from Pearl Harbor, Aiea, Waimalu, and Daniel K. Inouye International Airport to the south. There are schools in addition to commercial and industrial zones all around the area which puts you in a hot spot with respect to traffic, which can turn a seemingly harmless 10-15 minute drive into an hour if you don’t time it right. For that reason along we suggest skipping the car rental, especially if you’re not all that versed in driving through this neck of Oahu.

Speaking of an hour – that’s how long city transit will take you, and if you have typical luggage, they won’t take you at all (not allowed on public transit to/from the airport). Traditional taxis from HNL to Aloha Stadium are a total rip off, especially when traffic is rough, and we honestly don’t need to get into why Uber or Lyft from HNL to the stadium is a bad idea, but you can read about that here if you like. And no, there are no Aloha Stadium-provided shuttles from the airport.

The good news, is that you do have a great option – a flat rate, private direct shuttle that will pick you up just outside of HNL baggage claim and take you straight to Aloha Stadium. Better yet, this is one of the most affordable and cost efficient options available to you, as the $30 flat rate (for Aiea) includes your party (up to four). It simply doesn’t get any better, unless you add a lei greeting for a little extra aloha with your Aloha Stadium trip.

Book your flat rate private shuttle from HNL to Aloha Stadium

Going to the Swap Meet?

We know for a fact that a LOT of people make the mistake of heading to the Aloha Stadium swap meet only to find that not a single soul is set up or open for business. Be sure to know before you go.

Swap Meet hours run Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM and Sundays from 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM. If you plan on heading there on a long weekend or any other day where there is a statutory holiday check on the social networks and/or call the stadium office directly at 808-486-6704. If they don’t pick up there will be a recorded message with updates or changes to the normal schedule.

While the swap meet is a fun place to visit, there is little else of interest in the direct area so if you get dropped off and find the swap meet closed you’ll be looking for the fastest way out of there (it gets really hot). Again, know before you go.

Going to Another Event?

Time it right. It’s always a good idea to get to any popular event early, especially if you want to beat the lines to your seat. That said, we must repeat the fact that there isn’t much else to see and do around the stadium, so we suggest not showing up more than an hour before. Sure, during events the outdoor concession may be open (call 808-488-0924 to check) but unless sitting around in the blazing sun is your cup of tea it’s a good idea to find another activity to kill time with if you are arriving at the airport hours before the event you’ve come to attend. This is where our additional (beyond HNL transfers) service kicks in – a custom island tour. We can take you on a pre-defined tour of your choice, or you can create one based on your preferences, timing it all to coincide with a drop off at Aloha Stadium. View more about our custom island tours, or simply call 1-800-929-1219 to discuss your options.

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