Honolulu Airport to Marriott Ko Olina


Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club is a quintessential secluded tropical oasis, tucked into the resort community of Ko Olina on the leeward side of Oahu. If you’re staying here, you have an appreciation for the finer things in life, and you want to make sure that your paradisiacal island experience begins from the moment you land at Honolulu International Airport (HNL). We’re here to help make that happen. Below, you’ll gain some insight into the best way to get from HNL to this Ko Olina resort, along with a few tips to enjoying the most successful arrival possible.

Best Way to Get from Honolulu International Airport to Marriott Ko Molina Beach Club Resort and What Else You Need to Know

Take a Direct, Private, Yet Affordable Flat Rate Shuttle

Some assume that just because you’re staying at a 5-star retreat that you’ll disregard expense. But that’s simply not true for most. Sure, you may splurge on fine dining, shopping, and activities, but why waste money on HNL transportation, especially when you don’t have to give up comfort and luxury to get a great rate?

A traditional taxi is certainly not an alternative for oh so many reasons. And really, do you want to pull up to the majestic Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club in an Uber or Lyft? That’s just one of many reasons to skip the ride share option to Ko Olina.

So what’s the best option? It’s right there in the heading above – a direct private shuttle that offers a flat rate for your entire party (up to four passengers). We will meet you outside of HNL baggage claim, complete with lei greeting, load up your luggage, and whisk you away in a comfortable, air-conditioned, new model Sienna for just $70 (for your entire group!).

Whether you’re coughing up the big bucks to stay at this resort, or you’ve been gifted one or two weeks from a family member’s time share, you’ll absolutely appreciate this option, the most affordable, efficient, yet relaxing way to get from HNL to Marriott Ko Olina.

Book your private flat rate shuttle from HNL to Marriott Ko Olina – just $70

What Arrival “Looks” Like

We’ll take you from HNL on to I-H-1 W through to Farrington Highway, and eventually on to Ali’inui Drive. This is where you may want to start snapping photos!


As we approach, you see that the Marriott is located next to Nai’a Lagoon 3. You’ll be spending some serious leisure time between Ko Olina’s Lagoon 3 and 4 for the days ahead.


This (below) is the entrance, where your ocean view awaits. Feel free to soak it up while we unload your luggage for you.


The check-in area is located to the right, once you walk into the open air lobby. If there’s a small line up, don’t sweat it – the lobby area is full of photo opportunities too.


Time to kill before your room or suite is ready? It’s an easy task when staying at this resort. While you can wander the expansive property and/or squeeze in some early souvenir shopping at the gift shop or one of the artisan kiosks, we recommend getting a table at Longboards to get a head start on those Mai Tais!


Have any additional questions about getting from HNL to Marriott Ko Olina? Contact us directly by calling toll-free to 1-800-929-1219, anytime.