Pearl Hotel Waikiki Airport Shuttle

Pearl Hotel Waikiki Airport Shuttle

Pearl Hotel Waikiki is a budget-friendly hotel found at 415 Nāhua Street. The property is fitting for those who appreciate convenience when it comes to their accommodation, but don’t plan on hanging around it for the bulk of their vacation days. It’s this desire for value, good sense, and efficiency that also has you looking for a better way to get from Honolulu International Airport (HNL) to the hotel.

You may have heard that there was a shared shuttle service from HNL to the hotel, but when you click/tap your way through to the booking page (from the hotel website) you’ll find this unfortunate per person rate:

Pearl Hotel Waikiki Airport Shuttle - Best

*from shared shuttle operator website

We’ve chosen to hide the operator’s name because we’re not…unkind…but we’d be remiss to not warn visitors that this per person rate it far too high for a shared shuttle service that makes numerous stops en route to the hotel. This is just one of the reasons that savvy Oahu visitors avoid their (and other) shared shuttle services.

So, with car rentals and Uber also out of consideration, what is the answer to your search for a Pearl Hotel Waikiki airport shuttle? Read below to find out!

Best Way to Get to the Pearl Hotel in Waikiki Beach from HNL and What to Expect Upon Arrival

Direct, Private, and Efficient Shuttle Service

You don’t have to wait around the airport for other passengers to get off of their flights and gather their luggage. This Pearl Hotel Waikiki airport shuttle is all yours. We pick you and your party up from outside of HNL baggage claim, will greet you with a lei (if desired), load your luggage, and usher you directly (no-stops unless you ask) to the hotel. Furthermore, you will enjoy the comforts of a sleek, clean, roomy, and temperature-controlled Toyota Sienna minivan.

Affordable $40 Flat Rate for Your Party

Your direct and private shuttle to the Pearl Waikiki is as budget friendly as the hotel. It comes at a fraction of what you expect to pay for such an upscale service, and is even cheaper than the shared shuttle service for two or more people when you consider that their rates are $23 per person. Our flat rate is just $40, which includes you and your party (up to four adults) in addition to your luggage load.

Book your flat rate direct shuttle from HNL to Pearl Hotel Waikiki – just $40

What if You Arrive Too Early to Check-In to Your Room?

Pearl Hotel Waikiki Airport Shuttle

As mentioned above, the Pearl Hotel is budget-conscious, so it’s a bit no-frills when it comes to the lobby. If you arrive early and hours before check-in you won’t want to hangout in the reception area, which only has a few benches to bide the time on. Staff will be accommodating and hold your luggage, but if you have more luggage that they can handle (surfboards, etc.) on a busy weekend, there is an affordable luggage storage shop adjacent to the lobby. This option is also convenient if you want to leave some of your things nearby when you plan to take a break and head to the North Shore or even Maui for a few days in the middle of your time on Oahu.

Pearl Hotel Waikiki Airport Shuttle

Despite the property not having a place to hangout prior to check-in, there is plenty to see and do until you get your room key. You will probably notice a crowd on Nāhua Street beside the hotel entrance. This will be for the Maguro Brothers take-out eatery which is VERY popular for those in search of a delicious and diverse variety of poke and sashimi.

Pearl Hotel Waikiki Airport Shuttle

There is also a great beach-vibe coffee shop on the other side of the hotel entrance:

Pearl Hotel Waikiki Airport Shuttle

And if you really want to explore (and shop), just store your luggage and head into International Marketplace which is a few steps away at the end of Nāhua Street:

Pearl Waikiki Airport Shuttle

All you need to do is give us 24-hours notice before the arrival of your flight. Once booked, we’ll pick you and your party up from the airport and take you directly to the hotel. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 or complete the form found here.

*Note: We also offer transportation from Pearl Hotel Waikiki to the airport, for your return home.