Airport Shuttle to Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel

Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel Airport Shuttle

image: courtesy of Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel

While Kalakaua Avenue is lined with hotels, the Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel is perhaps the most recognizable. Yes, it is shaped like a circle, not unlike the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles. And like its SoCal cousin it’s also one of the most photographed properties (in Waikiki) and has become a very popular place to stay. You will really enjoy how convenient this beachfront hotel is. Convenience is indeed the key to any successful vacation, and it should begin from the moment you leave baggage claim. Below is a breakdown of why our airport shuttle is the only option to consider when you need to get from HNL to the iconic Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel

Best Flat Rate Direct Shuttle to the Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel from Honolulu International Airport and What Else You Need to Know

Best Way to Get to Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel from HNL

Who wants to take a shared shuttle service from the airport anymore? No one. Even as health and safety concerns drift away, a shared transfer to a high-traffic tourist area is a terrible idea. With the “Circle” being located smack dab in the middle of Waikiki Beach, you’ll have to wait not-so-patiently as the transfer service dumps other visitors off at their respective accommodations before the driver gets to your Aston property. When you consider that the cost of just two people in a shared shuttle (they charge per person) is typically equal to or higher than our low flat rate, this sort of inconvenience makes no sense. It’s a good thing that you have the foresight to skip the shared shuttle option and ride in your own private, direct, flat-rate transfer service.

Book your flat-rate private shuttle from HNL to Aston Waikiki Circle – just $35

Our Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel airport shuttle is also much more convenient than using a ride share service such as Uber or Lyft. For one, our commercially permitted fleet meets passengers right outside of HNL baggage claim, whereas with Uber/Lyft you must hoof it to the designated pickup zone. Plus, Uber/Lyft drivers won’t help you with your luggage, and most certainly do not offer a lei greeting.

Skip the ride share – book your flat-rate private shuttle for just $35

We’ve confirmed why you should avoid shared shuttles and Uber/Lyft (and don’t even think about The Bus). But beyond greater convenience, privacy, and a great flat rate (reasons enough!) why else should you choose our direct shuttle? For one, our new Toyota Sienna minivans are spacious, sleek, air-conditioned, clean, and comfortable. In addition, our commercially licensed drivers are courteous, professional, friendly, and exude the aloha-spirit. And as mentioned, if you want, we can provide a lei greeting for you and everyone in your party.

How to get from Honolulu International Airport to the Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel or any of the five Aston properties in Waikiki? There’s no better option for you, than right here.

Book your flat-rate private shuttle from HNL to Aston Waikiki Circle – just $35

Learn more about why visitors choose Honolulu Airport Transfer to get from HNL to Waikiki in 2021-22 and beyond. Otherwise, all you need to do is give us 24-hours notice, and we’ll pick you and your party up from the airport and take you directly to your hotel. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 or complete the form found here.