Honolulu Airport Latest and Breaking News – September 2022

Honolulu Airport Latest and Breaking News - September 2022

It’s been awhile since we’ve provided a news update for Honolulu International Airport. With a semi-normal return to tourism on the island we have been busy as HNL’s most popular (and efficient) shuttle service from the airport to Oahu hotels and vacation rentals. Now that the summer of 2022 is winding down we have decided to take the opportunity to weigh in with news that is happening in and around Daniel K. Inouye International. Is there anything you, as a new or returning visitor, need to know before your next trip? Let’s review!

Recent News About Honolulu International Airport and Why Visitors Are Looking to Our Direct Shuttle Service as Part of the Solution

Changes to Terminal Pickup Zones

While not “breaking news” per se, it is a timely update for anyone who has not been back to HNL since the beginning of the summer of 2022. Honolulu International Airport has made significant changes to the gates and baggage claims that impact where you will be picked up by any transportation service. For your convenience, we have provided a clear and detailed guide (with HNL terminal maps) for these latest pre-arranged zones (Zones 1,3, and 5) at Terminal 1 and 2. Please reference these updated instructions here to avoid any delays on your next arrival.

Preparing for Unanticipated Delays

To begin the 2022 Labor Day weekend, the HFD put out vehicle fire near Honolulu Airport that caused significant delays for visitors leaving the airport, and those making their way for departure at HNL. What does this have to do with you? It’s one of many examples of what can happen (and often happens here) than can disrupt your HNL transportation. As a result, it is recommended for visitors to always leave the hard work (transportation) to us. We have access to and knowledge of alternative routes to ensure that you get to/from HNL without a hitch or delay. When you instead reply upon a car rental or Uber/Lyft you’re constantly at risk of wasted time, or worse – a missed flight.

Preparing for Anticipated Delays

In addition to unanticipated incidents that can delay your plans/itinerary, there are those that visitors are often accustomed to, especially with labor shortages causing flight delays, long TSA lines, and excessive waits at HNL baggage claim. While these anticipated delays may be out of your hands, you can significantly mitigate the lost time by taking the fast track from Honolulu Airport to your accommodations. And if you are leaving Oahu (sorry to hear it) and want to know how early to arrive given these constant TSA delays, follow these instructions.

As you can see, for nearly every breaking news concern about HNL, there is a direct solution for you as a visitor. Find peace of mind before your flight to/from Honolulu International Airport by booking your direct, private, flat rate shuttle as soon as you know your flight date and time. Contact us at 1.800.929.1219 to book or with any questions whatsoever.