Honolulu Airport to Shark’s Cove

Honolulu Airport to Sharks Cove

We’ve provided our guide to getting from HNL to the North Shore, including most popular destinations such as Turtle Bay (here), Pipeline (here), Waimea Bay (here), and Sunset Beach (here). Today, we’re covering another world famous spot in Pupukea known as Shark’s Cove.

If you’re headed from the airport straight to Shark’s Cove you’re most likely staying at a nearby rental such as Keiki Beach Bungalows, BackPackers, or other accommodation and are arriving hours before your allotted check-in time. Either that, or you’re really excited about snorkeling and want to dive in within an hour of your Oahu arrival. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered. Below is everything you need to know about getting from HNL to this North Shore hotspot.

Best Way to Get from Honolulu International Airport to Shark’s Cove and What Else You Need to Know

Take a Flat Rate Private Shuttle from HNL

There are no designated shared shuttles from the airport to Pupukea. In addition, it will be a challenge to find an Uber/Lyft driver available (or willing) to accept passengers heading from HNL to Shark’s Cove, which is over 31 miles from Daniel K. Inouye International. The last thing you want to see after your 6-hour+ flight is the “NO CARS AVAILABLE” notice on your ride-hailing app. If after waiting for longer than you’d like you do connect to a driver, it will most likely be an UberXL because you need to guarantee enough cabin space to accept the luggage load of your entire party. This option tips the scales well passed the $140 mark. You’re also looking the same approximate rate for a traditional taxi. An old-school cab is also a non-preferred method of getting from the airport to the North Shore. You’re headed to one of the most northern tips of the island, do you really want to sit in an uncomfortable taxi? Definitely not.

OK, so now that we’ve discounted the options above (which aren’t really options) we can get to the goods – the best way to get from HNL to Shark’s Cove. You will want to book a flat rate (for up to a party of four), private, and direct shuttle, one with enough comfortable air-conditioned space for your group and all of the luggage that you just scooped up from the conveyor belt. Better yet, we meet you just outside of baggage claim and greet everyone in your party with a lei (if you request it) and whisk you away to Shark’s Cove in luxury – no matter the time of day.

Book your direct flat-rate $110 shuttle from HNL to Shark’s Cove

Early HNL to Shark’s Cove Arrivals

Honolulu Airport to Sharks Cove

As we mentioned in the introduction, you’re most likely headed straight from HNL to this Pupukea attraction instead of your vacation rental because you’re arriving in the AM and can’t yet check in. Aside from Turtle Bay Resort, this is the next best place to kill time along this neck of the North Shore. Shark’s Cove is home to activity (snorkeling, surfing, SUPing, etc.) rentals via North Shore Surf Shop which opens at 9 AM. There is also Seamaids Beach Boutique (opens at 9:30 AM) to give you a place to shop for beach fashions and to even book a beach cruiser bike rental for the days ahead. Beyond snorkeling, Shark’s Cove is also well known for it’s sheltered collective of food trucks, which open at 9:30 and 10 AM (varies by food truck) and if you need to pick up some essentials or grab a latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf you can walk over to the Foodland grocery store (open at 6 AM) for pretty much anything. You will want for naught at Shark’s Cove, so feel free to book your HNL pickup for soon after your morning flight arrival time.

Just give us 24-hours notice and we’ll pick you and your party up from the airport and take you to Shark’s Cove. Call us at 1.800.929.1219 or complete the form found here.